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It meant freedom of choosing their future life plans. Honestly, I think ninety percent of girls in such a situation might take the chance. You are right, evidence shows that when a biological male is psychologically female in ever aspect, they actually are psychologically female. Some studies demonstrate that brain or neural features typically considered to be sexual dimophisms may actually be more strongly correlated with sexual orientation or gender identity. One of the best understood sexual dimorphisms between men and women is in size and lateral connectivity of the amygdala which relates to emotional responses to stress and decision-making.

Men tend to have larger amygdala Goldstein, J. Cerebral Cortex. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. PMID I found a researcher who published two studies suggesting that homosexual men have highly connected left amygdala, similar to heterosexual women, while homosexual women have highly connected right amygdala, similar to heterosexual men Swaab, D. Other studies have similarly found that certain dimorphisms in the brain are less correlated with sex than with sexual orientation. PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects.

L S Allen et al. There are far fewer studies on transgender individuals, but one similar study found a relation between the male and female hypothalamus a brain structure that is related to hormonal activity that was more strongly correlated with gender identity than with sex at birth, even after for controlling for hormone supplements Garcia-Falgueras, A.

They absolutely do. The brain is formed from your experiences, every structure, every connection, dependent on the environment within which that connection forms. Every single thing you learn is due to the brain undergoing semi-permanent changes in structure. I saw must, not necessarily because it is logically required, but because it is morally necessary, particularly in a society where it is fairly obvious that sexist standards exist. There is definite harm caused if we err on the other side, but little to no harm caused by trying to open up opportunity to everyone.

As for drawing conclusions from a lack of evidence: We have evidence of low differences in brain structure. The variation within a given sex is vastly larger than the differences between sexes in every structure I am aware of being studied. Remember that those data are from a sexist society, and suddenly it becomes scientifically irresponsible to suggest that these differences are likely to be due to innate sexual dimorphism.

Furthermore, the claim that males and females have naturally different brain structures which is the claim you are making if you think that their preferences are going to be significantly different naturally is a positive claim, which means the burden of proof is on the claimer to prove. This implies that we need to assume that sexism causes the dearth of women in computer science, politics, senior positions in large companies and to act accordingly.

Assuming that gender disparities are caused by sexism also means assuming and addressing the following:. We must assume that the dearth of male nurses and male teachers is caused by sexism see articles I linked in an earlier comment , and we need to put as much effort into encouraging male nurses as encouraging female engineers. Abused men: The hidden side of domestic violence 2nd ed. Westport;: Statistics Canada January. Loseke, R. Cavanaugh Eds. Newbury Park: Sage Publications.

And assume some families would be more ready to support a daughter who fails than a son who does so. You are right, sexism is just as bad for men than it is for women, just the ways it shows are different. It makes me so happy to see people who acknowledge that men also suffer from sexism.

It implies that men are expected to be okay with suffering or worse, that they are immune to it. That is not equality. That is an example of individuals not allowed access to the help and care they need based on their gender. That is sexism. People are people, and the expectations for people based on a trait they were born with is just unfair. This was a great and in many ways cathartic read to simply see someone else laying out these point sand so well! Apparently there were some changes in other cultures but they all seemed pretty distant from where the story focused.

Seriously it grates on me so much to see settings like this spend so much time lavishing humanity in undeserved praise while ignoring or minimising all the other cultures and species who frankly feel way more interesting in my eyes. Honestly that initial summary gave me the image of a tv series where human recently joined some galactic republic and then on an alien world or ship some politician or general bursts in on one of their allies ranting about humans being mavericks, and too imaginative and dangerous.

Also all these fantasies and sci-fi series built around, generally american or western culture grates on me and is bleh, similar with fantasy. And why are all species of the same culture? Not all monarchies are unjust. It just depends on what type of monarchy it is, because there are different types. The key ingredient that makes them different is the power that is higher than the monarch: the constitution.

It is very important to point out the difference between a monarch and a dictator. Monarchies are less susceptible than dictatorships to the rebellion-repression-more rebellion cycles that have occurred in contemporary Libya and Syria, cold war Guatemala, Pre-Kagame Rwanda, etc. Each new dictator is forced to create a foundation for the legitimacy of their power; new monarchs can rest on tradition and focus on domestic affairs.

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In worldbuilding justice is relative. In its own time the Magna Carta was a significant step forward for human rights despite leaving the overwhelming majority of the English population powerless and voiceless. It is difficult to have a functional republic when the world is turbulent and almost no one is literate or educated; if a novel is set in a premodern world then an unstable republic Commonwealth of England, First French Republic may be a far worse place to live than a stable monarchy with legal rights Restoration of British Monarchy, Restoration of Bourbon Monarchy.

Thank you for supporting my argument further. If you have criticisms of those arguments, I would like to see them. Some interesting stuff about monarchies: at least some times, they seem to be defined by how much power the leader has instead of how the leader gains that power. Elective, non-hereditary monarchies exist. For example, the Pope is actually considered an absolute monarch, but he [yep, always a he so far : ] is elected by a conclave. Some have seriously claimed that the U. President is a monarch because the office has gained far more power over time than the Founders originally intended it to [their limitations were supposed to prevent a monarchy!

Insurance premiums go down with a better educated public and products get better due to having a more discerning buying public. But Milton Friedman lead the globe down the garden path. And to a degree, having the working smucks subsidize the lifestyles of the wealthy, is a garden path the rich are willing to be lead down. I think Spain has a similar system, too?

Just look at how much hype and coverage the royal wedding got. I think that many people consider monarchy glamorous and elegant and so people are drawn to it in a romantic sort of way — not as a system of government, more of a fantasy and like you said, inflated goes-beyond-celebrity celebrity. By the way, how do you pronounce your name? Sorry if this seems rude! This is a great conversation you folks are having and also I just love seeing the two knights of Mythcreants in the same thread!

To be really technical Q. Even not being allowed on the floor of the House of Commons is tradition, not a constitutional restriction. She simply chooses to let parliament make her laws for her because she values democratic processes as part of her valuing her people, that she swore to serve when she was coronated. The founding fathers knew they we murdering their way to their own country such that George Washington wrote in his diary that if he lost the war, he knew he would be hanged as a traitor.

Worse still…what if an independent country could be created with a concerted campaign of letter writing, followed a referendum!?! Shock horror, farmer George might have granted independence during his lifetime!!! Does that make sense? So the British came up with a new position.

Have a big navy. And that way you get away with a small army. I read an article last year about how there is no scientific explanation for the chin. The other species? We heal extremely well and deal very well with physical trauma. Our instinct is to escape and seek help with others of our kind, theirs is to just lie down and die.

And our scar tissue, while not very pretty, knits over wounds extremely fast, which means even severe wounds can be healed without too many lasting effects. Of course, living in social groups where a weakness like a missing limb or eye can be covered by others also helps. Our heel, I would guess, however is built like this, because we stand on our hind legs. Our foot is bigger than the paws or hooves of other land-dwelling animals to make us more stable in an upright position same goes for our differently-shaped pelvic bone, which makes birthing more difficult, but holds our internal organs when we stand upright.

The stability the heel provides us with, however, is certainly useful in a fight. The fact alone that you put a horse down when it breaks a leg, whereas a human can even survive well with a leg missing is a sign. We are weird creatures with fast healing scar tissue is ugly, but it grows super-fast, closing wounds quickly and efficiently. We are also the only species on this planet at least which injures itself on purpose, think about tattoos, brandings, or piercings.

We developed surgery well before anaesthetics successful head surgery was already done in Ancient Egypt, the first traces of using drugs to lower pain can be seen much later. On battlefields and in other situations, even amputations have been done without anaesthetics. Humans are even capable of cutting off their own limbs in times of need like with that mountain climber stuck in a crack.

Our brain lowers the strength of our muscles on purpose, because if they were allowed to go full strength outside emergencies , we might do permanent damage to ourselves. Well, coyotes and other animals can chew off their own legs to get out of traps. And there are lots of examples of horses who finished races with broken or splintered legs, and similar examples from the dog world. Dogs do fine, too, with three legs only, they can still run around and jump and even do agility courses, wich a one-legged human cannot do without a prosthesis.

Yes, dogs and other smaller animals can do well on three legs, animals as heavy as horses or cows have more problems there. You will still find humans are odd when it comes to pain and injury. We do react differently on the whole. What if Humans are weird? Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. We send comment data to outside parties for spam filtering and other services.

See our privacy policy for details. Most worldbuilding mistakes we see over and over again come from lazy storytellers who create worlds as an afterthought. Leaving Culture the Same Battlestar Galactica: Humans have lived for untold eons in a distant system, but by coincidence, they have a Secretary of Education that can inherit the Presidency. Umm… oh hey look at the pretty dragons! The Expanse: Humans have colonized the solar system. Spaceships are still piloted by humans, though, because using super accurate computer systems in life threatening situations is just no fun. Mass Effect: Despite having countless worlds to choose from, the big bad Reapers make Earth a high-priority target.

Human potential is just so frightening! Mathilde March 17, at am. Reply to Mathilde. Cay Reet March 17, at am. Reply to Cay Reet. AndrewR March 17, at pm. Reply to AndrewR. Cay Reet March 18, at am. Jim March 19, at pm. Hi, Look at fortifications during the s and s. Reply to Jim. Cay Reet March 20, at pm. Jim March 20, at pm. Leon June 10, at am. Reply to Leon. Mikey March 23, at pm. Reply to Mikey. Cay Reet March 24, at am. SunlessNick March 17, at am. Reply to SunlessNick. Calth March 20, at am. Reply to Calth. SunlessNick March 20, at am. Bronze Dog March 17, at am. Reply to Bronze Dog.

James Briggs March 19, at am. Reply to James Briggs. Rony March 19, at pm. Reply to I. Kora February 12, at am. Reply to Kora. Cay Reet February 12, at am. Greg June 6, at pm. Your logic is fallacious. Reply to Greg. Dominic Amann March 19, at pm. Reply to Dominic Amann. Athonwy March 19, at pm. He seems to have done it quite successfully. Reply to Athonwy.

Dominic Amann March 20, at am. Reply to greg. Void Caller March 20, at am. Reply to Void Caller. Brooke Hodge April 24, at pm. Reply to Brooke Hodge. Michael Hutson March 19, at pm. Reply to Michael Hutson. Because checking and makin openings small enough is worse than having the heroes fly in? Ben March 19, at pm. Reply to Ben. Rob HJ March 20, at am. Reply to Rob HJ. Traverse Davies March 20, at am. Reply to Traverse Davies. Kat November 15, at am. Reply to Kat. Yudhanjaya Wijeratne March 20, at am.

Reply to Yudhanjaya Wijeratne. Those are the reasons why both universes are very human-friendly. Marc Vun Kannon March 24, at am. Reply to Marc Vun Kannon. CuriousUwatu March 20, at am. Reply to CuriousUwatu. Oren Ashkenazi March 20, at am. Here at Mythcreants we make no secret of having a political agenda, glad you noticed! Reply to Oren Ashkenazi. Chris Winkle March 20, at am. Reply to Chris Winkle. SunlessNick March 20, at pm.

1. Leaving Culture the Same

Bronze Dog March 20, at pm. Rowenson March 20, at pm. Reply to C. Catherine Kane March 20, at pm. Reply to Catherine Kane. Shamanka March 21, at am. Reply to Shamanka. Marcelly March 22, at am. Reply to Marcelly. Chris Winkle March 22, at am.


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Sophie the Jedi Knight March 22, at pm. Reply to Sophie the Jedi Knight. Oren Ashkenazi April 28, at pm. LightspeedLife April 30, at pm. Reply to LightspeedLife. Katie May 15, at am. Reply to Katie. Apollo Adama May 1, at pm. Firstly, Battlestar Galactica, is set way in the past. So say we all. Reply to Apollo Adama. SunlessNick May 15, at pm. RHJunior May 16, at am. Reply to RHJunior. Teetengee May 18, at pm. Reply to Teetengee. Traverse Davies May 19, at am. In fact, the field is very complex, and brains are more than gross physical structures… One final important detail.

Oren Ashkenazi May 19, at am. Cay Reet May 19, at am. American Charioteer May 19, at pm. Reply to American Charioteer. Oren Ashkenazi May 19, at pm. Cay Reet May 20, at am. Let me give you three examples of female gander norms from Germany and neighbouring countries during the 20th Century: 1. Artistic Druid May 21, at pm. VoidCaller May 22, at am. Artistic Druid. Cay Reet May 22, at am. American Charioteer May 22, at pm. Artistic Druid, You are right, evidence shows that when a biological male is psychologically female in ever aspect, they actually are psychologically female.

Teetengee May 21, at am. American Charioteer May 21, at pm. Assuming that gender disparities are caused by sexism also means assuming and addressing the following: We must assume that the dearth of male nurses and male teachers is caused by sexism see articles I linked in an earlier comment , and we need to put as much effort into encouraging male nurses as encouraging female engineers.

Teetengee May 22, at pm. Artistic Druid May 22, at pm. American Charioteer and Cay Reet, It makes me so happy to see people who acknowledge that men also suffer from sexism. Also, thank you to those of you who replied to my previous comment! Reply to Artistic Druid. Vazak May 22, at pm. Reply to Vazak. Kora February 8, at pm. American Charioteer February 8, at pm. Bubbles June 6, at pm.

Cay Reet November 15, at am. Michael Campbell November 15, at am. Reply to Michael Campbell. Bunny November 15, at am. Well, yeah, most things would look stable compared to the current US administration. Reply to Bunny. Oren Ashkenazi November 15, at am. Michael Campbell November 15, at pm. Bunny November 15, at pm. Thank you so much. By the way the backstory with the doggies is adorable. Toy dog posse!

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I love it! SunlessNick November 15, at pm. Michael Campbell November 16, at am. Leon August 13, at am. We are made for violence. Cay Reet September 12, at am. Cay Reet November 15, at pm. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Name. He pulled her in so tightly against him she couldn't breathe, but that didn't matter. Suddenly the world was about more than herself, more than about her pain and it was easier to let go of it to hold him in her arms, to give him comfort.

Maroo of the Winter Caves

Tyler and Marguerite's story is incredibly moving, and I'm sure it won't leave you cold. Even though it was a painful read at times, this story shines so brightly in various intriguing facets and consumed me from the get-go. In fact, it is difficult to find the right words to do it justice. All I can say is I am in awe. This story is an intimate, revering and tender testament that love can heal almost everything.

As always, I loved the way Joey combines the erotic and hot sex with a wonderful, evocative and touching love story and plenty of plot. Needless to say that her prose is absolutely powerful and very thoughtful as well as thought-provoking. Tyler and Marguerite truly deserved their HEA. At the end of the story there are a few pages that pushed the sweet tooth a little bit too hard for my taste, but overall it didn't detract from a fantastic and heart-wrenching read. When Marguerite is with Tyler she sees who she really is, the mirror of her soul and vice versa.

They are soul mates. She bowed her head. Of my heart, mind and soul. Both Tyler and Marguerite have a very special place in my heart. Now and forever. Highly recommended. Warning This book contains explicit sex including oral and anal , bondage, a blindfold and spanking. Plus, there is a play scene among Tyler's friends that included toys and voyeurism. Mirror of My Soul is not a simple romance novel.

It's food for your soul. Read it. View all comments. Shelves: series-cr-complete-sets , kindle , heroes-troubled-tortured , heroes-rich-all , heroes-favs-modern , heroes-famous , heroes-top , reviews-written-all , review-quick , 5-stars. Mirror of My Soul book 2 in duet.

By my cock and mouth only, unless I command otherwise. Her review! In Ice Queen book 3 Marguerite was told that she needed mandatory Submissive orientation.

That weekend was an eye-opener that left them both utterly shaken. What follows can best be described as a roller-coaster of events, revelations and emotions. Marguerite has merely existed for so long; self-discipline and set routines guiding her through her day. And Tyler has demons in his past that he has for most part shoved aside.

As Tyler and Marguerite explore each other, their connection and try to find a balance we are treated to their raw and addictive passion, mind-blowing sex. Even though their connection is captivating and profound and the brewing love inevitable fate. Nothing could have prepared me for the shock of what Marguerite is forced to tackle and the darkness that ensues.

I can say no more. Seven words to describe Tyler Winterman: Perceptive, focused, commanding, enigmatic, nurturing, determined and unforgettable. What an ending! Soul to soul! Here they are: view spoiler [ hide spoiler ] I look forward to reading some bonus chapters also. Excellent storytelling!

Interesting and captivating plot! Memorable, fascinating and addictive hero, Tyler Winterman! Steaming off the pages! Would I re-read this series: Yes. Would I read future books by this author: Yes. View all 92 comments. This couple's follow-up book still took me out of my comfort zone but not as much as their first book Ice Queen did.

The ending brought reverent tears to eyes and the hero, Tyler, has become one of my all-time favorite heroes. He's a true gentleman and I adore him. Full review to come maybe when life settles down. School is out for the summer and the kids are home View all 29 comments. To say that I will forever carry this story in my heart doesn't feel accurate enough to encompass what I feel for this story I will carry it in my soul. So since my words couldn't do a review justice, I'll continue to give Ms. Hill the stage and share a few of my favorite quotes: "Something would change forever when the eyes that mattered fell on you.

That love was worth any torment, every disappointment. That's the pain of the person who loves us, who couldn't protect us from that pain. Weep in her arms. I no longer draw breath without a part of you in the act. View all 37 comments. Shelves: 5-star-read , epic , erotic-menage , favorite-heroes , favorites , genre-bdsm , genre-erotica , highly-rated , read-in , recommendations. But I want you to consider carefully that she may have found peace and sacrificed happiness for it.

As I said, that may be the best she can do That shows the amazing, awesome, phenomenal talent of Joey W. That quote encompasses the story of Margeurite and Tyler But she's surviving a life without truly living, a life without the things that really matter And yet Tyler's actions that have preceded this moment and then follow it show how much of a mountain he is This love story is so haunting.

But so beautiful. How do you review this book? Too much to say, and so few words to say it. Redefinition of herself?

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Did she want Tyler that much? Did she even have a choice? She sees what a beautiful soul he has, but her past won't let her go. And I know I said that in Ice Queen , we needed more of her backstory. Well, we get it here and it was almost too much to bear. Her story is one of the most tragic and horrific that I've ever read.

No wonder she hides herself from the world, using her own form of coping to keep pushing through. Even more afraid to claim him as her own, because she'd never had anything she'd loved endure, anything she could keep. In that brief moment of understanding, he grasped why she'd needed to see his vulnerability, a woman's odd way of knowing a man truly needed her. If she only knew. He couldn't imagine breathing without her. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. You big, beautiful wonderful Master of all Masters I cannot ever gush enough about him. For he felt the attraction, felt the pull, and waited for the right moment, in which Margeurite came to him.

And he's methodically broken down her walls, one by one. Sometimes in huge chunks, with her emotions crashing down around them Over and over and over again, Tyler proves himself to me. He is the kind of man Master or Mortal Melodrama? Yes, and he deserves it. I wish I could light fireworks who goes down in my book history. You can't get a more devoted man than Tyler. It's just not possible. He held a mirror up in front of me. It's me, but it's not the me I thought it was.

He loves me. I know nothing about love except the pain of losing it. Tyler has his moments of seething temper. Of explosive passion She needs that from him He is her rock He is necessary to her well being, both physically and mentally. When Marguerite comes face to face with her past, she is forced to deal with it once and for all.

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And it threatens her in a big way. To the point that she very nearly loses herself in her own head. It is the darkest moment of this love story, and one that broke my heart. Tyler has a fantastic support system, but it truly is his love for Margeurite that makes this story. A bit of a disclaimer: view spoiler [ There are a couple of things that the reader should be prepared for, I think. There is a case of autoerotic-asphyxiation, NOT condoned in any way, shape or form, but it is there.

She actually sticks another woman's "juices" in Tyler's mouth. I hated that part. I'm way too possessive. View all 49 comments. Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. Tyler had just endured a brutal beating from the hands of Marguerite and the both of them had to deal with the aftermath. Will Marguerite be able to learn to let herself embrace Tyler's love for her?

Will Tyler continue to endure in his devotion to the woman who is determined to shut him out? The things that happened in this book will just break your heart. It certainly broke mine. I thought Ice Queen was already emotional. Boy, was I wrong. This book took emotions into a whole different level. You will feel love, anger, lust, joy, fear -- you name it, it's here. Trust in that, angel. It could have gone down that route--a tragic heroine with a very dark past and a hero who is willing to save her but has his own darkness to deal with--but it never did.

Thank God. As I've said in this book we finally know the whole story about what happened to Marguerite, and it was even worst than I previously imagined. It was heartbreaking and it explained so much of why she is the way she is. It really did. The unspeakable tragedy that she went through would have destroyed a lesser person.

Miraculously it didn't destroy her, at least not totally. But the emotional and psychological scars--and the guilt she carried were so enormous that I thought, maybe she was beyond saving. I won't go into the details, you have to read it for yourself. Tyler's past wasn't so rosy either. It destroyed his marriage and drove his wife to commit suicide. He couldn't save her and he had blamed himself ever since. There were times in the book where Marguerite inadvertently caused Tyler so much pain by doing things that Tyler feared the most. I was finally able to breathe and smile again because after all that happened to them, there is actually an HEA for Tyler and Marguerite.

It was magnificent. It was really moving especially the wedding scene and that letter and Marguerite's gift. Ah, it was beautiful. The anxiety that I felt melted away and I was in my happy place again. There was even an epilogue. Again, it was wonderful. I know I sound like a broken record but that's truly how I felt, so apologies. It was a perfect ending. Ever After Romance Book Blog View all 25 comments. Aug 23, Silvana rated it it was amazing. He was just perfect.

I mean the chemistry was sizzling, the writing and imagery were beautiful. Joey W Hill covers the sensual, the emotional connection as well as the physical aspects of the romance between the protagonists; as a reader I didn't feel cheated; I loved reading about the BDSM aspect of the story. Marguerite was a complex character which I felt disconnected from in Ice Queen, but as I read Mirror of My soul, her character, strength, charisma and heart drew me in, I began to see the woman that Tyler was so in love with.

View all 3 comments. They tell them that because they believe it, or they want the child to feel safe. But there are monsters, Luke, all the more frightening because they look like people. And every now and again I find another moment where it fits. It's an overwhelming story, that's for sure. View all 5 comments. Shelves: r.

A lot has happened, she finally realized after a serious breakdown, she doesn't want Ty as a sub, but as a Master and things are falling apart for her. Her reality is re-defining and she's not sure what she wants And he knows what he wants-unconditionally, irrevocably HER. The Ice Queen Marguerite has been through some of the worst things life has to offer. She has suffered abuse, watching a loved one die, and sh 4. She has suffered abuse, watching a loved one die, and she has been feeling halfway gone for years. She has her teahouse, which brings her peace, and her role as a dom, which she needs because it centers her.

Now she could have Tyler and she's not sure she's ready for that, especially because it would be a huge change in her life She never wanted to love again He forced his way in. And trusts him to slay her dragons and keep her safe. But not before a struggle Tyler Winterman Ty has been through some rough things himself. He went to war until he broke and reached his limit. He's lost a wife to suicide, which he believes is a consequence of him not being there for her.

Now, another fragile, but strong woman, is in his heart and if anything were to happen to her he would be lost. So he pushes, maybe more than he should, to keep her with him And sometimes his own demons overwhelm him Until death do they part. For eternity. No way was she going to get out of this with a flimsy excuse like mortal lifespan. Not ever. She began to cry again for them both, reaching up to touch his face. I love you. For once it was he who was reluctant to meet her eyes.

She watched the lashes raise, the golden brown gaze climb to her face. Not fear of violence or danger. Fear of loss. Even when it tears him up inside. I loved Ty so, so much. I felt for Marguerite, but I love Ty. The happily ever after After nightmares came back and were relinquished we see them both happy and settled in their roles-and love. For that's all that matters to them. And that's wonderful. To catch you when you fall. And I knew it the first time I saw you.

In happy ever afters. In the fact that I will never stop loving you, no matter how often you pull away. I have to have you to have light in my life. As in she would continue to Master others at the club and so on. I get not really that she still needs that part of her life, but it's not ideal for me. I get BDSM is about more than sex, and that people have open relationships, but I don't know, it just wasn't ideal for me Spoiler So, the big bad from Marguerite's past is back.

What bothered me in that whole part: 1. TSTL moment 2. She supposedly had a parachute on the whole time. How come no one noticed? I'm not an expert, but I'd think you couldn't hide it under your jacket. She jumps of a roof of a high building, activates the chute and falls down directly into Ty's arms.

Yeah, right. She does that and is mostly unharmed. Partly, we find out, because of her dead brother, the angel. That, together with her still being a Dom, were the only things that were problematic for me. Generic quotes: "Love is not temporary. View all 19 comments. Okay, glad I got that out of the way. Now where to start with my thoughts? This book is part of a series, but book three, Ice Queen , and book four, Mirror of My Soul , are the same characters. I know what you're thinking, but in all honesty, this couple needed two separate books to really capture the complexity of their demons and essentially, their love.

So you must read book three before reading this one. I promise you will not be disappointed. Marguerite is a Domme, but Tyler, also a Dom, believes that she is a switch. They both have unmistakable chemistry together, but can two sexual dominants really find fulfillment in a relationship with one another? They both have ghosts from their past, and when I say ghosts, I mean some truly heartbreaking back stories, part of which is the reason that Marguerite needs to be a sexual Domme.

Honestly, Joey Hill is a lyrical genius. I am left utterly speechless and not able to form the appropriate words for what I am truly feeling after reading this book. I will hold this one close to my heart from now until the end of time.

Jules the Hedgehog

The flow of her stories are absolutely flawless and they make you really and truly feel right along with the main characters. This story was Gossebump inducing. No matter how many times you get lost in the shadows, I'll find you. Because you're my light and salvation, angel. I have to have you to have light in my life" "Let me go. Can we make babies together, please? Tyler was so patient and it was so freaking amazing, heart-stopping, epic-any adjective you can think of that equates to AMAZING can be put here- to see their love for one another take up residence in their hearts and then their minds.

Meaning they were actually able to acknowledge their love for one another. Because they were both running from their heartache and demons for so long, it was hard for either of them to believe they could ever love again. And that beautiful ending It is where truth begins and ends. It cannot be described or contained and it changes every moment. It has more faces and forms than we can count. The mirror of my soul. I am a whirlwind of emotions regarding this book, and that is still 24 hours post finishing this story, if that tells you anything.

What an unbelievably, remarkable journey. I bow down to your brilliance, Miss Hill. View all 13 comments. Mar 04, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-read-in , 5-stars , abusive-past , posted-review , tortured-heroine , contemporary-romance , erotic-contemporary-romance , bdsm , best-of Marguerite has just completed a session as Mistress over Tyler which has ended with Tyler bruised and bloody. Although he acted as Marguerite's submissive and bares the wounds of his decision, not once during the entire time was he not in control.

Tyler's eyes continuously proved with every locked stare that he was and always would be Marguerite's Master. The psychological breakdown that Marguerite experiences and of which was ult 'Mirror To My Soul' starts mere sentences after 'Ice Queen' ends. The psychological breakdown that Marguerite experiences and of which was ultimately the catalyst to the physical abuse she inflicted upon Tyler, of course leaves her body, mind, and spirit extremely fragile. The shame of her actions propels her to run and seek solace at the sight of her long dead brother's death. Meanwhile, Tyler uses his connections to discover the truth of Marguerite's past thinking that if he knew the events that shaped her life than perhaps he can discover the key to opening her heart and soul to his dominance.

Thus Ms. Hill reveals the absolute horror of a past that Marguerite endured from eight to fourteen years old in the hands of her mind-broken father. Reader be warned that the author does nothing to sugar-coat or gloss over any of the terrible and gruesome aspects of Marguerite's past. The final deaths of her mother and brother are so heartbreaking that I find no words at all to convey the emotion I felt over reading their demise. After reading how Marguerite survived, my admiration for her grew ten fold as well as my utter awe of her strength and her ability to love even when she feels incapable of the emotion or even deserving.

Tyler is not without his own ghosts and certain triggers set of his post traumatic stress syndrome leaving him vulnerable and scared that if Marguerite doesn't always witness his strength than she will run once again. Yet, in a beautiful scene, Marguerite offers her substantial strength to Tyler and for once he has some one he can truly lean on and unburden his soul to.

I believe that this trait is what convinces Marguerite that she is and can be human. Up until this point she has been a bystander in life, a non-being just operating day to day and Tyler is able to crash through this mode and show his need for her and her need for him. When Marguerite finally acknowledges her submission to Tyler and calls him Master, the sexual scenes are explosive with extreme BDSM and passionate romance.

The eroticism was powerful and I enjoyed seeing characters re-appear from her previous novels in the 'Nature of Desire' series. There is an especially sweet moment between Mac and Violet from 'Natural Law' that made me want to pick up the novel and read about how their love came to be all over again. Yet even after all these subsequent breakthroughs, Tyler and Marguerite suffer more with the return of her father as his sickness threatens to kill once again.

Yet when these two finally receive their much deserved happy ending, I closed this book with a contented sigh knowing that while neither may be truly healed yet, they are certainly on the right track with their love for each other guiding their way. View 2 comments.

Dec 28, LMM rated it it was ok Shelves: romance-or-erotica , overrated. This was just too purple in it's prose for my liking. It was just too, too much. Normally, I find, Hill can make even the most outlandish situations have a real life authenticity b'c of her dialog.

Not this. No I don't wipe my tears away I'm not ashamed of them I wear them proudly like small wet salty badges of emotional truth" I went to find some seashells to place atop your glorious head like a crown. She wasn't wrong. If Kenny G. Yes Hill pulled her usual punches I just didn't work for me. Tyler came across as a parody of a sensitive Alpha male. I didn't understand their relationship which is crazy b'c it took two very long books.

Why they were even attracted to one another I mean I did, I got in in concept but I didn't really feel their chemistry in these books. There were some good little twists but overall it was way too schmaltzy romantica. I couldn't get into it. Not my thing. I just didn't like the characters enough to care either way to their story came across as false to me.

What a finish to an intense story of two tortured people! It's not stated explicitly but it is mentioned that he used to do undercover work for the government. He retired from that but continued the adult film-making business that was his cover. Ms Hill is careful to make sure I'm not conjuring up images of sleazy perverts preying on young kids when I think of Tyler producing tasteful porn though some people will call it smut. That's what t What a finish to an intense story of two tortured people! That's what the erotic romances I read are called, anyway.

So, Tyler's really sexy and watching him handle Marguerite was both thrilling and worrying until I realize later that he knew exactly what he was doing and Marguerite was healed as a result of his expertise. The story climaxes with a suspenseful non-sexual scene which only made a wonderful story all the more wonderful. Could I read these two books again? I'm not sure, much as I loved them. They were too intense despite some parts that dragged a bit.

Dec 24, Tokies rated it it was amazing. Here we are once again. First, let's get this out of the way; if you're planning on reading this book and haven't read any of the previous books in the series, you need to at least read 3. This book is a direct sequel to Ice Queen and will not make much sense to you at all if you try to jump into it without having the first part of the story. While this book wasn't terrible, I can't help but give it a lower rating than Ice Queen for the simple fact that it felt a little bit ridiculous.

Not the Here we are once again. Not the BDSM aspect, but the things the characters went through in other aspects of their lives. The way Tyler's ballerina wife died actually made me snort with laughter. Base jumping? I don't know. It was boring and then it was ridiculous, and then it was boring again. The ending took forfuckingever, and the sex by then was just something to be gotten through.

But if you've read Ice Queen , this is a have-to read if you want to know what happens with Tyler and Marguerite. I didn't write a review for the other book because I was sooo invested with Tyler and Marguerite. I can say that this book touch me deeply. There are things that made me want to grab the characters and hold them and then there were times when I wanted to throw my tablet.

I mean come on, how many animal references can there be in one book? That was the only down fall for this series to me. One might think that the author played hom 4. And she did, but she took the characters wrapped them in a nice shiny bow and placed them in your heart. These two books have the best character development I've seen in a long time. View all 6 comments. Absolutely loved the dynamic between Tyler and Marguerite. Thought provoking writing and multi-layered characters. View 1 comment. Love is not temporary. I rarely give out 5-star ratings, but this book I'm still recovering from finishing it.

I must've gone through a box of tissues, and I'm still a wreck! This 4th book in the Nature of Desire series is the continuation of Travis' and Marguerite's story from book 3, Ice Queen. It picks off Love is not temporary. It picks off from the instant that book stopped, which is great, because I had to know exactly what happened next. And how in the world this book could even have a story, based on that last book's ending.