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I guess if you don't go for 2 years, you get dropped off. I'm sure you had a great time. I would have loved to take both of those classes. Besides being a quilter, I've been a potter for many years so I loved that you had a potter speak! THis was a wonderful post. THank you for sharing. Really don't need an excuse to buy more fabric, you know.

I will keep the artist sayings close by. Oh, you lucky girl! It sounds like such a fun retreat — and in one of my favorite places on the planet. Love that cute little flower! It looks like you had a great time! I hope you'll share more photos and insights. Glad you had such a great time and that your classes went so well. I'll have to remember that "story" next time I splurge on fabric…. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Along with teaching and taking classes, there were lectures and trunk shows to attend each day. Since I was attending a quilt retreat, I was a little surprised that the final lecture was to be given by a potter and author, Ben Behunin. Here are three quotes I wrote down from Ben:.

I left the retreat exhausted yet refreshed and ready to start more projects. Share: Facebook. Comments And Thank you Sherri for sharing so thoughtful words! It is good for the soul to get away and do what makes us happy. I almost felt like I was there! Good report! I love your new pitcher. What type of applique did Amy teach? I don't see any stitches holding it on!

We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Powered by GDPR plugin. Harry immediately put the box set in his basket and walked around a bit more. He then came across a plush bear that was deep brown with blue eyes. Harry picked him up and hugged the bear before placing him in the cart. Harry went down another aisle and it carried stuffed snakes he got one of those as well. He then went to the front of the store and made his purchases. He placed them in the third compartment. Harry then went to the book shop and got himself a basket and began filling it with all of the books that he would need.

Marvolo was making him get text books up to seventh year as well as books on genealogy and Hogwarts A History. It was a self-updating version. Marvolo explained that this one had many obscure rules that many had forgotten about or just didn't care about. He carried the basket to the front and unloaded it heaving a sigh. He was quite sure he had broken the feather light charm on the basket. He paid for all of his books and placed them in his trunk. Harry then went to a specialty shop and got himself a dragon hide wand holster that had anti- summoning charms on it. Harry then made his way to the stationary shop and loaded up on parchment, quills, ink, and a couple of journals as well as calligraphy manual.

He also made sure to purchase some wax, envelopes and stationary. Placing those items in his trunk he then went and got his order from Twillfit and Tattering's. Harry ended up paying 50 galleons for his wardrobe. As everything was brand new and tailored to fit him; he wasn't complaining one bit. Leaving there he went to the cobbler and collected his shoes. Those came to 15 galleons; Harry didn't really consider it a bad price for what he had gotten. Harry felt like he was ready to drop by the time he reached the owl emporium. Marvelo told him after he got the owl he could go and get himself something to eat and relax at one of the cafes.

Harry readily agreed feeling tired and famished. He walked in and looked at the different owls that they had. Harry heaved a small sigh as none of the birds really caught his eye. He was about to call it quits when he spotted a beautiful snow owl. He smiled and went up to the bird and looked it over as he looked at it; it looked him over as well. Giving a nod he went and told the shop keeper which one he wanted; He watched as the man went to get the owl.

Harry quickly picked up a few boxes of owl treats and also bought a perch. He paid for the owl and informed the shop keeper that he didn't need a cage. He took the owl outside and told her where to go to. He watched as the owl gave him a nod and then flew off to her new home. He placed the perch in the bottom compartment as well as the owl treats.

Harry picked a table and sat down; he heaved a small sigh as his feet thanked him for sitting down. Harry picked up the menu that had been leaning against a vase of flowers on the table. He perused the menu and decided on a garden salad with lemon water to drink. When the server came up Harry quickly gave him his order and then leaned back in his seat. He was enjoying the weather when he again heard the strident tone of the ginger haired woman.

I wonder if she could shriek a little louder; I don't think people in Canada heard her. Marvolo laughed and nodded in agreement Unless I am mistaken she is Molly Weasley, her and her husband are the biggest blood traitors known to the wizarding world. They have I believe seven children and from what I last heard they really couldn't afford them all. They are Dumbledore followers through and through. They follow him as blindly as your parents did. Then lucky for me I have the notice-me-not charm on my scar or I would be inundated with gingers right now he snarked as he looked over and shook his head.

And they have nerve to call themselves purebloods. Harry thought and gave the server a smile when he placed the salad and water down in front of him. Harry immediately checked it for any poisons or other harmful things. Living with a paranoid Dark Lord and the Dursley's made it a habit of Harry always checking his food and drinks. When they all came up clean he immediately dug in. Marvolo gave a nod of agreement that the Weasley family was as low as one could get.

They had no pride or manners to speak of. Molly had always reminded Marvolo of a fish mongers wife with the way she always went yelling in public. After Harry had finished his meal he paid his server 3 galleons and told him to keep the change. He then stood up and pulled his hood up covering his head and made his way down to Knockturn alley.

He gave a small shiver as he descended down in to the alley.

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Hearing about the alley was one thing experiencing it was something altogether different. He made his way past the hag and street vendors easily dodging them as he went to the wand maker. Marvolo had told him that Ollivander had a bad habit of putting ministry tracers on all of his wands. Ollivander also had a bad habit of telling Dumbledore about who got what wand.

The one in Knockturn alley didn't do that; they believed that was bad for business. Harry walked in to the shop and walked up to the counter and looked around at the different things that were on display. He wondered what all the items were that were floating around in the glass jars. A hag came up to the counter and leered at Harry. She sneered at him then laid several blocks of wood in front of him. He made a slight face as he narrowed it down to one that seemed to call to him.

Once, that was done she then placed several different jars on the counter and had him do the same thing. Again, he held his hands over them and then he look a bit perplexed. Those are very unusual choices; heartstring of a Chinese fireball and venom of a basilisk. He gave a nod and went to the pet menagerie. As he walked in his senses were assailed by the sight and sounds coming from all over the shop. Harry walked around the shop looking at all of the different animals. Marvolo suggested that Harry look at the snakes Harry took his advice and went to where the snakes were at.

Harry looked at all of the different species of snakes; he finally settled on a rainbow boa constrictor. He took the snake to the front of the shop and made his purchase. He draped the snake around his neck and went back to the wand maker. He walked in and went to the counter. The hag looked up at him and handed him his wand; as soon as Harry took his beech wand in to his hand green and black sparks shot out of his wand. Harry felt overcome with the power that he now had. The hags' eyes opened wide at this and informed him that his wand was free.

Harry gave her a curious look but nodded his thanks he placed his wand in his wand holster and walked out. Harry then went to Borgin and Burkes book shop; the moment he stepped in there he was ready to turn around and leave. The atmosphere of the shop was oppressive and dangerous. Harry quickly made his way to the book section that Marvolo told him to find.

He looked around and found a couple of books that seemed to call to him. Being curious he opened the books and found out that they were about necromancy. Once he had gotten all of the books that Marvolo wanted him to have he went to the counter to pay for his items. Marvolo warned him that Borgin would do his best to swindle him if he wasn't careful.

And then proceeded to tell Harry how much Borgin had probably paid for the books. He then told him not to pay any more than galleons for the books. Borgin came up to the counter and looked at the books and sneered at Harry. Harry gave the man a dark look as his eyes flashed dangerously "You're mad if you think I am paying that amount for these books. I know for a fact that you didn't pay a knut over 50 galleons for all six of them. Borgin narrowed his eyes at the boy "Listen here boy, the price is Now you either accept 60 galleons or you give them to my heir for free.

Borgin's' face immediately drained of all color at seeing the red eyes of the Dark Lord and immediately handed the books over to him. Marvelo gave him a nod and gathered the books "You will keep this meeting to yourself Borgin; and I will know if you have told anyone. He stepped back and let Harry back in control as they made their way to the apothecary. Harry was mentally cheering Marvolo on for how he had scared Borgin. Marvolo gave him a mental hug as they walked in to the apothecary and began to purchase all of the items they would need.

All total Harry spent 15 galleons on his basic supplies and galleons for the less than legal supplies. Harry pulled out his trunk and placed all of his items in the third compartment. He was really interested in what all Marvelo would be teaching him now. Harry then shrunk his trunk and left the apothecary and made his way out of Knockturn alley.

As Harry made his way to the Leaky cauldron he laughed mentally at how Borgin had almost soiled himself seeing the Dark Lord before him. Harry mentally grimaced as the army of gingers was inside the Leaky Cauldron. Harry was starting to wonder if perhaps they were stalking him they seemed to be everywhere he was. They were rambunctious and their table manners were lacking.

Really, was it that hard to eat quietly and close your mouth when you chewed? Or, how about not talking with food in your mouth? There was no way in the nine circles of hell did he want anything to do with those people. He wanted to be as classy and as sophisticated as Marvolo was. And associating with the Weasley family was not the way to achieve that. Harry bypassed the Weasley table sneering slightly as he immediately went to the floo and tossed a couple of sickles in to the cup and took a handful of floo powder.

He tossed it in the fore place and called out "Peverell Manor" He then stepped in to the emerald flames and spun away. Almost falling out of the fireplace Harry gave a groan as his stomach finally caught up with him. There had to be a better way to travel. Marvelo gave a small laugh and promised to teach him apparition.

He also told him that there were a couple of tasks he had in mind for Harry coming up within a week. Marvolo decided now that they had a safe house it was high time he gather all of his horcruxes and re hide them. He didn't trust the fact that Dumbledore may or may not know about them. He needed them all safe. The better part was finding out that Harry was in line as heir for the Flamel's. He had a feeling that old Dumbles never even told them that they had an heir or that he was orphaned.

Oh yes, more trouble for him. Not to mention, his order of the flaming bird would be busy trying to find themselves somewhere new to live. Marvelo was convinced that Dumbledore had housed his remaining order members there in Harrys' houses to keep them loyal. Oh yes, he wanted all of these things to happen at once. This way the man would be too inundated with owls and screaming and crying people; to be worried about what Harry Potter was getting in to.

Not only that, but, he had no clue where Harry was even living now. Oh how wonderful life was soon to be. He gave an evil chuckle with Dumbledore busy on that front that would leave him free to get his horcruxes. Harry in the meantime had made a mental note to practice flooing around in his manor for the practice. Well until Marvolo taught him apparition anyways. He really didn't want to look like a fool falling arse over tea kettle coming out of a fire place. He then wandlessly cleaned himself and looked around the room he was in. On the wall across from him was a huge tapestry that had the Peverell coat of arms and the family motto underneath it.

Harry took a step towards it and said "Well here we are Home sweet Home" he said happily then gave a gasp of pain as his scar flared up with white hot pain making Harry fall to his knees. He had his hand over it as his eyes were screwed shut; Harry, felt someone pulling his hand away from his scar. He then heard a small squeak of someone saying "Oh no! Once the pain had subsided Harry opened his eyes and looked down at his hand and also gasped.

It was covered in blood. A pop was heard once again and a small creature came up to him armed with a damp flannel and what appeared to be a first aid kit. The creature had very large ears. Her eyes were also rather large yet, they were brown and soulful; she also had a rather big nose. Her hair was jet black and was braided and trailed down her back. She wore a periwinkle blue dress that sported the Peverell coat of arms.

It is my duty to make sure that young master is always cared for. She made a few tsking noises as she got the blood all cleaned off then opened her bag and pulled out an ointment and placed it on the now wound. The ointment felt so nice and cool against the burning of his scar. She then put a magical plaster over his wound. Once he was up she banished the items back to where ever she had gotten them and began to give him a tour of the manor.

He had a wonderful study that had a very large library the window in the study was as tall as the ceiling and the desk was in the center of the room. It had three chair spaced out in front of it and still had plenty of room to move around. Harry looked through the desk and found all of the office supplies he would ever need.

She then showed him the sitting room, and then it was off to the tea room that had a side door that led off to a patio if he wanted tea out there instead. She then showed him the small dining room, and then led him to the large formal dining room Harry was guessing he could easily sit over 50 people in the room and still have room for a few more. He wasn't sure he would ever use this room as he only knew two people, well, make that one spirit and a goblin.

The next to the last stop was a potions lab that even had Marvolo salivating over. The lab was fully stocked and equipped with everything and anything that he would ever need for any potion he could ever dream up. The back area of the lab was set up like a sitting room that had a full library and a fireplace and a couple of comfortable chairs, a couch and a coffee table and two end tables. The last stop for the ground floor had been the overly large ballroom. Harry stood in shock and wondered how many he could fit in that room. His next thought was that he wondered if he could try sock surfing across the floor.

He could feel Marvolo give him a highly amused smirk and told him that if he broke anything Marvolo would NOT want to hear about it. Harry just gave him an absent nod. Usually that threat was enough to be a deterrent; but, this…this was far much temptation and he had to try it at least ONCE. Harry made a mental note to wait when Trudy wasn't around and then he was going to have some FUN! Marvolo snorted in his mind.

Mhm, the boy was going to do it as sure as the sunrises in the east. Marvolo knew the boy had rarely ever had any fun and he was going to try to make sure that he did at least have some fun now that he was free to do so. Trudy then led him up the first floor mentally shaking her head; she already knew what little master was plotting. She had been a nanny elf before she became head elf. ALL of her little master's had slipped and slid in that ball room. She would have to make sure all the potions, ointments, and bandages were well supplied. She was positive that she would need them.

She then showed him that he had several guestrooms, a library, and a music room and even a meditation room. The second floor was entirely the little masters' floor. This floor held his bedroom, the private collection of the Peverell library meant only for their blood line, a study for him to do homework and research in, a dueling room, a meditation room, a training room that had more weapons than Harry had ever seen.

She told him that she could find him a tutor to teach him how to use those things. She then took him to his room and he pulled out his trunk setting it down and opened it for her. He then went to the bathroom and gaped at the size of it. It was HUGE and the bathtub was more like a swimming pool. Harry went over and turned on the taps. He was ready to rid himself of that old life that he had left behind.

He quickly disrobed and threw all of his muggle clothes in to the rubbish bin. And then he took off his wand holster and set that down on the counter. Marvelo came forward for a moment and eyed Harrys' appearance and gave a small tsk. He took Harrys' wand and tapped Harrys' head and muttered a spell that made Harrys hair grow out. Once it reached Harry's waist he stopped it. Then eyeing Harry some more he muttered another spell that lightened the color of his hair and showed some of the auburn streaks his hair had.

Once that was done Marvolo gave a small nod and stepped back letting Harry see what he had done. Harry gave a small nod of approval and looked over and gasped at how fast the tub had filled. He quickly turned the taps off then stepped down in to the awaiting bath water. Harry gave a small groan of delight at having his first undisturbed bath EVER. Harry just leaned back and enjoyed the fact that this could be an everyday thing. Once Harry was done soaking he took up the flannel that had appeared next to his bath potions and began to completely scrub his self.

He ducked his head under the water and then came back up and got the hair potions. He scrubbed his hair within an inch of its life. He wanted all traces of his muggle upbringing to be forever banished and never spoken of ever again. Once he had finished rinsing his hair he drained the bathtub and stepped out and got himself a nice large fuzzy towel and began drying off. Once he was dry he wrapped his hair up in a separate towel and strapped his wand holster back on before going in to the bedroom.

He found a set of clean clothes set out for him. Giving a small smile he quickly dressed and Marvelo taught him a spell that would detangle his hair and another one that would braid his hair for him. Once Harry had done that he went down to the small dining room and met Mings who was in charge of fixing all of the meals. Harry informed the elf that he was a vegetarian and he preferred iced tea over hot tea for his meals. Giving a nod Mings then popped out to make the meal.

It had been a very long time since they have had a master to do anything for. Now, all of the elves were excited to finally be serving another young master. Mings had pulled out all the stops on making dinner for his master. He wanted to be sure to please his young master. Harry had been having a chat with Marvolo about everything that he could do and claim in the magical world now that he was Lord of his Houses.

Both were taken off guard by the amount of food that appeared on the table for Harry. He was doing his best not to make the house elves sad by not trying at least some of everything. After Harry had eaten all he could without getting sick; a cup of hot herbal tea appeared and Mings told him that it would aid in digestion. Harry was quite positive that his stomach would need all the help it get.

Marvolo had been shocked yet, highly amused at the dinner Harry had been received with. Well, at this rate Harry was sure to gain weight and get that growth spurt he had been grousing about for weeks now. Marvolo gave a mental shake of his head; he could not believe how much he and Harry had been through these past eight years.

Now things were going to be on an upswing for them. Harry had finished his tea then went up to the second floor library and found a book on necromancy. It looked ancient and the text had faded a bit but, somehow Harry had a feeling that this book was the first in a series of books on this subject. He sat down in a big cozy chair and began to read. Marvolo who didn't possess the ability was not able to look at the book so decided to take a nap and warned Harry not to do anything form that book without first consulting him.

Harry agreed and went back to reading. He had read long in to the night and was amazed by the subject.


He really wanted to know more about the subject he stood up and stretched and his bones cracked and popped from being stuck in such a position for hours. He made his way to his bedroom and changed in to his sleepwear. He crawled in to bed and was about to cover up when his snake came out from under his pillow to snuggle against him. Harry smiled and snuggled the snake and they both slept soundly for the rest of the night. The next day had the early morning light filling his bedroom.

Borrowing Fire by Ben Behunin

The birds even seemed happy that someone was now living in the manor decided to serenade him outside his window. Harry blearily opened one eye and got up out of bed making sure his snake still had a nice warm spot to snuggle in to. He blinked in surprise seeing another outfit set out for him; he gave a soft smile and went to the bathroom to take care of his morning rituals.

He then came out and dressed in the clothes provided for him. Harry made his way to the dining room and sat down at the table to find a small stack of letters and a newspaper. Opening the paper Harry choked on his air as the headlines screamed at him. So, there really are no worries as I really have no desire at all to go back to the muggle world any ways. Besides, I have family here to meet and an interview or two to give " Harry finished saying as Mings set the table and agreed with his young master.

Once Harry had regained his normal pale coloring and had finished breakfast he gathered up his mail and went to his study. He sat down at his desk and began to read his mail. The letters were from Gringotts detailing and updating his banking records. He had so many vaults and assets he wasn't sure what to do with them all. He then wrote Sharpflint a letter asking him for a detailed list of all the items as well as how much gold was in every single vault that he had and for him to remove the funds necessary to cover the expense of having this done.

He then placed all of those letters in a drawer and stood up. He asked Marvolo as he walked out of the study and went to the transport room. Throwing in a bit of floo powder he called out "Ministry of magic" and stepped in. Harry had just managed not to look like a fool as he stepped away and wandlessly cleaned himself up. He had Marvolo guide him through a door to his left that would take him the back way to the elevators and past the security wizard.

They reached the elevator and stepped in and stepped to the back corner. Harry stood there as people walked in and out everyone ignoring him. Once they reached the right level Harry followed two men out and as they went to a court room he went further down the hall in to what Marvolo told him was the Department of Mysteries. They stepped through a door and Harry almost lost his breakfast as the hallway suddenly went spinning round like a dervish. He quickly took Harry inside the hall of prophecy and quickly walked up and down the aisles until he found the right section.

Harry you need to be the one that gets it. Just take it put it in your pocket and I will get us out of here with no one being the wiser. He said sliding back and having Harry come up and take the dust coated orb. Harry wondered if anyone ever heard of cleaning. Because really; the Room of Prophecy should have been called Room of Dust, Allergens, Motes and Prophecies; because, it was just that utterly filthy. Harry shuddered thinking of all the allergens this room was host to.

Pocketing the orb Harry slid back letting Marvelo to the forefront shaking his head in mild amusement. Harry was a clean freak to end all clean freaks. Marvolo believed that it had to be his muggle upbringing that made Harry that way. That child could not stand for there to be a speck of dust anywhere and would have panic induced fits if there were dust or grime anywhere.

Harry could not even tolerate seeing a magazine out of place on the coffee table. Marvolo was hoping in coming here that some of these habits would fade over time. Marvolo had managed two dodge two Unspeakables and had walked back to the corridor. Once the corridor had stopped spinning he whispered "Show me the exit. He made his way out of the department and back on to the elevator where he saw Arthur Weasley covered in soot and Kingsley Shacklebot was chatting to each other. Neither noticed Marvolo's red eyes as his head was down. Harry came to the front and went back to the corner.

Kingsly then looked at Harry and began to ask if he was alright. Harry looked up and gave him a small smile saying that he was fine. He had just gone to see his aunt and had forgotten she had a trial to attend. He finished with a shrug as his heart raced. Kingsly offered to go with him to get her and Harry declined saying that he would just meet her at another time.

He said as he prayed the elevator ride would end soon; finally his stop came and he walked casually out of the elevator. He calmly made his way past the guard and to the floo. He could feel both men watching him as he tossed in the powder and called for the Leaky Cauldron.

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Once there he waited a moment added a few sickles to the cup and then called for his home. Unknown to him right after he left Kingsly came through and looked for Tom to ask him about the boy. Tom said he had not seen any young boys fitting that description coming through the tavern. He told him that he had been in the back prepping for the lunch crowd; and he had not heard the floo activate nor had he heard anyone walking through the tavern. The tavern was bereft as the lunch crowd had yet to come. As Harry came out of his floo he quickly cleaned himself.

He went to his study and pulled out the glass orb as he took his seat. Harry tapped it with his wand and at once the entire prophecy was heard. Both Marvolo and Harry just sat there absolutely speechless. Harry was terrified of what it had meant. He had no desire to vanquish the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord was his hero; not to mention the man was his mentor and best friend. Marvolo wanted to hex Dumbledore six ways to Sunday; that man had set this whole damn thing in to motion.

He knew for a fact that Voldemort would not have waited and would have acted swiftly to stop from being vanquished. Well, Marvolo now had the Chosen one on his side and the boy was already his. So, he really had nothing to worry about he then mentally hugged a very miserable Harry. He told Harry not to worry about the prophecy as it would not be fulfilled. He reminded Harry that he was his heir.

Therefore there was no need for them to fight against each other. The real threat to them was Dumbledore; he was the one they would both vanquish. Harry gave a nod and mentally snuggled in to Marvelo. He truly hated Dumbledore for all of the misery his life had been prior to coming here. He wanted the man to suffer and suffer greatly for all of his sins. But, for now he had to wait on that; he still had this week to get through before he could do anything to that wretched man.

Standing up Harry went to the ball room and removed his shoes. Looking around in an almost guilty way and deciding the coast was clear Harry set to work cheering himself up by sock surfing around the ballroom. Harry was whooping and hollering when Trudy finally came in and told him lunch was ready. Harry startled so badly he tripped over his own feet and Trudy just clucked her tongue and helped him up and escorted him out of the room. Harry looked guilty as if he had committed the ultimate offense as he was led to the dining room and Marvolo was laughing that he had been caught sliding around the ballroom in his socks.

Harry tried to look somewhat dignified as he ate yet, he had the feeling that all of the elves knew damn well what he had been doing in the ballroom. He decided that if they didn't say anything then neither would he. Once he finished breakfast Marvolo made him go and do some transfiguration and charms and some defense against the dark arts and some parsel magic before dinner.

Harry spent the afternoon doing a lot of lessons that he had already known the theories of and now needed the practice them. Once it was dinner time Harry went down and ate his dinner and drank more of the tea then went back to his library and read another book of necromancy until it was bedtime.

Harry then changed in to his sleep wear and crawled in to bed and fell in to a deep sleep. Harry woke earlier than usual due to his snake flicking its tongue in to his ear. The snakes excuse was that Harry needed to be up to getting ready for the day and to meet his family. Harry gave a nod and covered up his snake as he then went and had a nice long bath. Once that was done Harry went and changed in to what Trudy had set out for him.

He noticed that his dress robe had the Black family Crest on it. Looking to his dresser stood Trudy she was holding up and amulet for him to put on. Once he had she then attached a Peverell pocket watch to his pocket so that part of the chain showed.


She told him anyone tried to steal would get a very nasty shock. Harry gave her a thank you and she made fast work of getting his hair fixed and tied in a low pony tail. Harry walked down the stairs as Trudy popped out of the room. Taking his seat Harry read through the headlines and just shook his head as began to eat his breakfast. He looked through the letters and saw they were all from Gringotts.

He finished eating his breakfast and put his mail on his desk in his study before going to the transport room. Harry flooed to the Leaky Cauldron and quickly cast a fast cleaning charm before walking to the alley way. He noticed the bar man looking at him closely. Harry quickly opened the gateway and stepped through. Once through he began to walk towards the bank when he felt like he was being followed. Harry made no signs of noticing as he dashed up the stairs of the bank. He could hear the person behind him also coming up the stairs as he went to one of the tellers and told them in a low voice that he had a meeting with Sharpflint.

Memoir, biography, and corporate history

The Goblin told him to wait a moment while he confirmed the appointment. Harry gave a nod and stepped back a bit and looked about in a lazy manner. He could feel the person not far from him watching him closely. Harry kept up the pretense of noticing nothing as the goblin came back and motioned him back. Harry followed the goblin back silently laughing knowing the other was stuck up front. Harry had no doubts said individual would still be upfront when he came out from his meeting.

He knew he would have to play a sweet, kind, harmless child in order to get away. That was no problem if worst come to worst the person would find themselves in a parsel spell no one but his self could break. Well Marvolo could but, he knew that Marvolo would just let them suffer for following them and be nosey. Harry entered Sharpflint's office and gave the goblin a friendly nod as he looked over and saw two women looking at each other carefully.

Harry took the seat in front of the women and gave them a small smile. Both women noticed the crest he wore on his robes as well as the amulet he wore. Those were worn only by the head of the House of Black. Neither woman could believe that this could…kid could be their Head of House. He waited until they were done looking him over and making the wrong assumptions about him before he began.

I also wanted to see if you were both happy in your marriages. I also wanted to see if either of you needed anything from me. As we all know that my job as head of the House of Black is to make sure that all members of my house are cared for. The blond woman started speaking in a soft cultured voice. I am very happily married and I have one son named Draco and I am very well provided for my Lord. I also am happily married and I have one daughter that is due to graduate next year and her dream is to become an auror.

I too am well provided for. Perhaps later today you could bring your families to Peverell manor where I am living and have a nice evening tea with me? Though, Narcissa did pause for a moment. Harry smiled a bit "Yes, he is more than welcome to come along as well. Once out of the office Harry was able to see a tall, dark haired man whose long hair was tied back in red auror robes watching the room as he leaned against the back wall.

As soon as he saw Harry he straightened up and started towards Harry; who by that time had picked up his pace and was already through the door and was down the stairs as the other raced to catch up with him. Harry quickly made his way to a small parchment shop and went in with the auror right behind him. Harry was already across the room and was looking over the different colored parchment. He waited till the auror was near him before he turned and looked at him his eyes flashing red as Marvelo came out. He has had the barkeep keeping an eye out for you. His Lord was back all was perhaps not lost after all.

Marvolo sneered "Who else knows about this? Rookwood followed his Lord as he looked at different quills getting some and discarding others. Neither of them said a word until they were outside again and walking to a candy store. Rookwood said nothing as he watched his Lord buy an assortment of candy. He really didn't want to be on the floor screaming in agony over asking his Lord why he had a sweet tooth. Marvelo pondered this new and aggravating problem that had come up. If Dumbledore knew someone had been in the Department of Mysteries it was a safe bet that it was also known that a certain prophecy had come up missing.

All of this trouble over a nosey arse old man that couldn't mind his own damn business. Marvelo was getting his heir some candy as he pondered how to get Dumbledore off their trail. Really, there was the reading of the will tomorrow that could possibly get him off the scent for a bit. But, for now he could just have the barman obliviated.

Yes, that is what he would have done for now. Marvelo paid for his bag of sweets and then walked out of the shop "Rookwood, you are to obliviate that old fool. Then tell Shacklebot it had been a wild chase. Keep me posted on what is going on. Just have your daily reports for me on your desk and any questions that you may have. I will have my house elf come and get them. Rookwood gave a nod and quickly went to the tavern and had a seat at the bar where he quickly obliviated the man as he placed an order for a lemon water. Once that was done and he got his water he quickly drank it down then used the floo to go back to the ministry.

He then went to his supervisor and relayed what his Master had told him to say. Shacklebot had looked perturbed that good man power had been wasted on a merry chase through Diagon alley. Rookwood then went and began preparing a nice long seven year compilation of all the changes that had been made in the ministry and who was where now in the ministry as well. Harry had played with a couple of kneazle kittens then left there to go back to the tavern.

As he walked he heard many people talking about a break in at the ministry. Everyone was wondering who did it, how it was done, and WHY it was done. Marvolo wondered if his death eaters would get the blame or if some new threat would suddenly be on the horizon. Harry just rolled his eyes and wondered how the hell anyone had even found out. He suddenly let out a mental gasp and Marvolo startled as he felt a dawning sense of horror in the boy. Marvelo blinked trying to figure out how dust had 'given them away' What?

What are you on about? He asked convinced Harry had finally lost his sanity. In the Prophecy room there was dust so bloody thick on the floors when I walked through it I left behind foot prints! The dust gave us away! Harry explained to him as if he were explaining how the earth spun. Marvolo blinked well when put like that it did make perfect sense.

Borrowing Fire : Rewriting the Eulogy for a Boy Named Wolf by Ben Behunin (2012, Paperback)

Perhaps that was why they never bothered to clean that room. Yes, well be that as it may they have no idea it was US that did anything. Besides, it is your prophecy and you are entitled to have it. There is not a damn thing they can say or do about you having it. Not only that but we have no way of knowing if they even know we took the prophecy; there are many other departments in there than just the prophecy room.

So calm down and relax. Marvelo said to him as Harry flooed them home. Harry gave a nod but, he had a feeling that somehow Dumbledore was going to make his life hell for this. Harry spent the afternoon reading the rest of his necromancy book. At he put the book down and went downstairs and told Mings he was having some guests for afternoon tea and he would be using the tea room. Harry then went to his study and paced around for a moment working off some nervous energy. He didn't want to be all fidgety when his guests arrived. At Harry quickly went to the tea room and sat down giving Mings a smile as he drank down the calming draught the elf gave him.

Marvolo was impressed how the elves knew what to do to help their master. Harry leaned back in his chair and promptly began making Marvelo a nervous wreck with all of his questions and worries. Marvelo had never been gladder to see Lucius and Severus as he was at that moment. Had he been there in his body he would have shoved Harry at them and THEM to deal with his questions. Harry stood up and greeted each person that came in; he was rather glad to see Narcissa and Andromeda. After they came in and all of them had sit down Mings promptly brought in an afternoon tea feast.

The others looked shocked by so much food and Harry just looked resigned to at least try some of everything. Harry gave them another small smile and decided to start some conversation. Lucius gave him a small nod and began to ask what was on his and Severus' minds. Harry gave a small nod "I was wondering when and who would be asking me that. However I have already graduated muggle school and have two college degrees. One is in business science and the other is in politics. But, given my age even when I graduated I doubted that I would be able to work or that anyone would even hire me. Draco was openly staring at Harry he had never even heard of anyone attending college so early in life.

Already he had two degrees and he could tell there was no one here in this world either that would hire him. Though he was their head of House and no one could say anything about it.

  • Thirty in 30.
  • Galicia, Galicia (Spanish Edition);
  • Femmes qui M (FICTION) (French Edition).
  • Lord of the Flies?
  • Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard!
  • Severus just shook his head; he couldn't believe that this person was Lilly's son. He had her eyes and resembled James. But, he seemed far older than nine years old. The boy seemed eager to please yet; he could detect a hint of steel. The boy was a Slytherin; sure he seemed all sweet and charming. Try and use him or attempt him any type of harm and he would turn and strike faster than a cobra.

    Trudy popped in holding a large constrictor that had a pearlescent shimmer. He is most upset about your plush snake being in your bed. He looked at the others and noticed they were all looking away trying not to laugh. Harry just shrugged and began nuzzling his snake and whispering to him. Draco suddenly yelped "You're a parselmouth. Harry looked up at him and nodded "Yes, I am; you see The Peverell family was descended from the Slytherin line. The Peverell's had three sons unfortunately; I do not remember their names. However, I do know of one line that came from them and that is the Potter line.

    Though, I would love to find out. Severus was now rethinking all he had ever thought about the boy. This boy was not arrogant and he wasn't vying for attention. He was just sharing what he had learned over the course of a few days. If he could learn that fast; he would be finished with Hogwarts more than likely by his second or third year. Lucius was listening to the boy as he spoke and smiled faintly the boy was indeed smart and seemed to hunger for knowledge. Next thing Lucius knew Harry was talking to Andromeda about the courts and the laws how they were made who made them and everything else.

    Lucius watched as it seemed the boy wanted to literally crawl inside of her and take her knowledge and make it his own. Lucius looked at Severus who was watching the scene play out and suddenly Severus cleared his throat and began to ask Harry questions about potions. Almost at once Harrys' gears changed and he was telling Severus all he knew about the theory of potions and how to make certain things and how much more he wanted to know. Soon the boy was up and pacing around as he went on a tangent about different potions and how some people just had no idea of how to appreciate them.

    Severus was nodding in agreement adding tid bits here and there and Lucius wondered for a moment if Severus was Harrys' father and not James Potter. Narcissa and Andromeda watched as their Head of House was pacing like a caged panther and on the war path about people not appreciating fine potion masters. Narcissa gave Lucius a hard kick under the table making him wince as she gave him a glare and nodded to Severus. Loosely translated he was to make Severus stop riling Harry up. Lucius gave a mental snort; honestly, Severus had finally found someone else that was in love with potions as he was.

    Those two would from this day forward be found in a potions lab for two. And, any who dared to bother them would be chopped up for potions ingredients. Mings saved Lucius the trouble of making Severus behave himself as the elf cut harry off his path and informed him dinner was ready. Then the elf gave his young master a small vial which Harry drank then gave the vial back and Mings popped out. Draco and Nymphadora found all of that to be very amusing at how easily riled Harry got when he was passionate about something.

    Draco loved potions however; he wasn't as keen on them as Harry was. He had never seen anyone; not even his uncle Sev go on like that about potions. Harry suddenly looked at his guests and blushed clear to his roots and led them to the small dining room. They followed him in and each took a seat. Nymphadora sat next to Harry and started talking to him about what he wanted to do as a career. Harry gave her a smile and told her he really wasn't sure but, he wanted it to be fun and exciting.

    He had once thought of being a doctor but, quickly realized he didn't like being around sick people. That made a few of the adults laugh; Draco told him about curse breaking. Harry gave a small nod and told him he would think about it. Dinner was a much quieter affair than the tea had been. Severus had leaned over to Harry and offered to be his mentor if he liked.

    Of course, Harry immediately agreed to have him as a mentor. Severus was the most brilliant potion master in the world. After dinner was finished they all said their good byes and Severus promised to see Harry the next day at the reading of the will. Harry gave a nod in agreement and went upstairs after seeing his guests off.

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    The next day was going to be trial in patience. Harry changed in to his sleep wear and crawled in to bed and snuggled up to his boa. Harry fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Harry awoke the next morning not wanting to see Dumbledore at all. However; he knew the sooner it was done the sooner he could move on with his life.

    Harry got up and went to get himself a bath and to use the loo. Harry had the towel around his waist when Marvolo took over and shortened Harry's hair to the top of his shoulders and darkened it to a blue black. Harry blinked at his new look and nodded strapping on the wand holster and going in to his bedroom he quickly dressed for the day. He put his familiar around his shoulder and went down to the dining room. Sitting down at his seat he saw a stack of letters and began to read through them. The first was from Narcissa thanking him for a lovely evening and she was hoping that she would see him again soon.

    The next letter was from Andromeda saying along the same things and offering him a tutoring session in wizarding politics. Harry felt warm inside that he had made his family happy. He set the letters aside and opened the paper he read how the search for him was fruitless and how worried everyone was. He then read about how the minister of magic was going to do all in his power to help find the missing boy. Harry gave a faint laugh. He didn't want to be found; at least, not by them. He quickly ate his fruit salad and drank his tea. Once he was done he informed Mings that he would be having guests for lunch and afternoon tea.

    Once that was done Harry went to the fireplace and flooed to the Leaky Cauldron. Once he stepped out of the fireplace he quickly used a wandless spell to clean himself.