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Also in the cave is a creature with teeth and claws.

Phobias and Fears in Children - Powerful Strategies To Try

The Doctor is afraid, but after the creature bites off his right arm, he calmly wraps the stump in his scarf The Doctor is now in a wheelchair , being tended by two nurses. His right arm has been restored to him, but he is now an old man. The Doctor is not even afraid this time, and jokes with the nurses.

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He wonders what defences he will need against whatever intelligence is doing this to him. Next, the Doctor is in a padded cell. He starts singing, just a single note, over and over again. Suddenly a cowled humanoid figure appears in the cell and angrily asks the Doctor what he's doing. The entity explains to the Doctor what it is, but is angered by the Doctor's flippant replies. The entity represents all the people who have felt fear because of the Doctor's actions.

The entity is attempting to make the Doctor feel fear, and can't understand why it hasn't worked so far. The Doctor insists that everything he has done has been for the best. The entity does not agree. It attacks the Doctor again, with creatures, an ocean of blood, and maggots, and then senses a small thought in the Doctor's mind — he is afraid of losing his mind. The Doctor, however, continues to argue with the entity, and gets it to admit that everything is in its mind.

She put the plastic spider in her bed and she slept there all night with it in her bed. She only felt a little bit afraid. The next day, she went back to the psychiatrist. This time, she had a shock … a big shock. Sitting in the middle of the doctor's desk there was a spider.

Forty-Four Short Story Ideas

And this time it was a real spider. My friend was about to scream and run away, but she didn't. She sat on the other side of the room, as far away as possible from the spider, for about five minutes, then she got up and left the room. The next day she went back, and this time the psychiatrist let the spider run around on his desk. Again, my friend stayed about five minutes, then left. The next day she stayed for ten minutes, and the day after that, fifteen. Eventually, the psychiatrist held the spider, the real spider with long furry legs and little eyes, in his hand. He asked my friend to come and touch it.

At first she refused, but the doctor insisted. Eventually she touched the spider, just for a second. The next day she touched it for a few seconds, then for a few minutes, and after that she held the spider in her own hand.

Phobias and Irrational Fears

Then she took the spider home and let it run around in her house. She didn't feel afraid.

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  • Phobias and Fears in Children – Powerful Strategies To Try.

Well, OK, she did feel afraid, but only a tiny bit. Then she screamed and climbed up on the chair. She was pointing to something on the floor. I am afraid of caterpillars. Then she told: "What a cute animal is! And me after that, whenever see them i will scream so loud and ask someone else helps to get rid of the horrible. Hello Nhungskun Thanks for sharing your story! I'm afraid we don't provide corrections of our users' texts, though if you want to ask us about a specific phrase or sentence, please feel free. I do not have phobia with spider, but I do not like it.

Maybe, when I see it, I will keep an anough distance. There is only thing which is I like it so much. The behavioural therapy is very useful. Step by step, you can help any person who have phobia. I am afraid of most of mollusk, especially the snake, even the dead one. This is amazing.

I am totally grateful to you, all British Council! Hello every one here I am very excited to learn english here in the great website. I well tell you about my fear itis a long story and I will try to brief it. Hello, i am afraid of doctors I know every body afraids of them,but when i see a doctor i am sweating and shaking..

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If i have to visit a doctor i can't sleep the previous night because i am thinking of it continuously.. ICP : Log in Subscribe Newsletter. Do the preparation task first. Then read the story and do the exercises.

1. I Don’t Know Where to Start

But my friend had a surprise for me when we met for coffee last week. A dog? A cat? You can go home now. This is the behavioural approach. Come back tomorrow. The next day the psychiatrist told her to put the spider in her bed. It's not a real one. It's a beetle! Task 1 Exercise.

Discussion What are you afraid of? Have you ever got over a serious fear of something?