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When danger comes knocking, the unthinkable happens, with dire consequences for all involved.

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This season, True Colors will celebrate black women storytellers—those who maintain and move our culture forward! Each play in the season will be written by black women or feature all-black women cast. These women are our sisters, aunts, and mothers who share stories of strength and empowerment, instilling in us our history, informing us of who we are, and encouraging change and success for the future.

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  7. The name True Colors Theatre Company reflects a promise to search for truth and clarity. East Texas Hot Links.

    She has dreams of representing Ghana in the Miss Universe Pageant, but the arrival of a black American girl with lighter skin seems to threaten her ambitions. Set to the tunes of Whitney Houston and New Edition, and inspired by films like Legally Blonde and Mean Girls , this comedy examines what it means to be a teenage girl in a world with warped beauty standards.


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    This play allows girls to be girls with the added layer of what it means to be a member of the African diaspora being influenced by American culture and vice versa. Renee Clarke June 16—July 12, To participate in an upcoming session, check out the scheduled events below. This project is global and ongoing. Inga is the one walking away from the photoshoot and Kessia is directly to the left, wearing white on her body and ketchup on her face. Their mothers were best friends, pregnant at the same time, and next door neighbors in Long Beach, California.

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    Born within months of each other, Kessia and Inga were destined to be life-long friends. Coming from families filled with painters, actors, and musicians, it is no surprise Kessia and Inga grew up to become artists themselves. A photography portrait is an opportunity to engage and connect with people and participate in their stories.

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    I value the moments and connections with people that are, not at first obvious. One of my fascinations with human nature is how we process our experiences; by internalizing and then reflecting them back to the world.