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Prayer for Strength and Guidance

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Eventually I began to call on that guidance every day as a regular practice. We all have our own spirit guides. We have guides that are ancestors and deceased family members. Some entities may have names. In some cases it may be a group of guides that all have the same name. If you have, the 10 steps I share below will help you to have even more of them.

If you are willing to connect with your spirit guides, these 10 simple and beautiful steps will help you. Maybe this sounds a little trippy to you.

The ACTS of Prayer

If so, let me reassure you. Your guides are loving and wise. They are here to support you. Connecting with them is a comforting and joyful experience. Tweet: Our spirit guides are here to give us love and light. The simple act of asking for help opens us up to receiving divine guidance. These guides are only here to give you love and light. There are plenty of entities in this sphere, but the guides that we call on, our spirit guides, are only here for love and light. Once you begin inviting in these spirit guides, there are different ways you might experience their presence.

You can experience them as an inner knowing, a voice within. You may be able to audibly hear the voice of your spirit guide, or you might even see them! Sometimes when I know my guides are with me, I see little sparks of light. When books fall off the shelf, your spirit guides are the ones who are kicking them off the shelf for you! You can experience this kind of guidance! It is available to you. Another way you can experience the presence of a spirit guide is through writing.

You can call on your spirit guides through meditation , and following your meditation you can free-write and allow the voice of your guides to work through you. Connecting to your spirit guides is about learning to rely on the voice of love. The reason these guides are here is to constantly bridge your thoughts from fear back to faith, forgiveness, love and light. They present you with creative solutions and beautiful opportunities.

If you are ready to invite in that voice of love, follow these 10 steps to connect to your spirit guides. The first step to connecting with your spirit guides is to get into the habit of asking. We often forget that we have guidance within us and around us.

When we forget about it, we start to rely on our strength. In order to change this, we have to change our habits. The more you ask, the more you receive — period. Think about all the things that you need help with. Make a list of the five to 10 biggest things you need help with. You can do this now, or you can come back to this exercise after aligning with your inner wisdom through prayer or meditation. Listen to that inner wisdom and let the thoughts come through.

Once you have made this list, offer up everything you need help with and invite in the guides of the highest truth and compassion to reveal solutions. Just go one by one asking the guides to help you. If you want to get really laser focused, you can choose just one and offer it up daily for a while. Remember always to call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion.

The same goes for spiritual relationships. We want to open up our consciousness, space and energy only to the guides of the highest truth and compassion. You call the shots, so do not fear those other beings. Just make sure to call in only the guides of the highest truth and compassion. The simple act of asking is all that is required for the guidance to show up. The second step in connecting to your spirit guides is to listen.

The way to do this is through meditation. We have to slow down our vibration to become aligned with the presence of these guides. When we attune our energy to the frequency of love and peace, we can more easily connect to the vibrational messaging of our spirit guides. Thank you for showing me what I need to know. Thank you for leading me in the right direction. Thank you for whatever it is that I need. Then you can sit in meditation for five, 10 or 20 minutes. This can be a very simple meditation. You can simply pay attention to your breath, becoming mindful of the sounds and sensations around you.

Or you can repeat a mantra silently, which is one of my favorite ways to meditate. Open your journal or just grab a few sheets of paper. At the top, write an invitation to them, such as:. Just riff onto the page. Let whatever needs to come through come through. Ideas, stories, topics, inspired visions, things that you may not have thought of on your own, will begin to come onto the page.

You can also try my spirit guides meditation and free-writing exercise. You may find in this writing experience that your guides begin speaking to you directly. Instead of writing in the first person you may begin writing in the second person. In some cases, your handwriting might even change.

Spirituality How to Become More Spiritual in Your Daily Life | Gaia

You might feel a presence of energy moving through you. You might feel a heat in your body. Your guides can play fun games with you! So get playful with them and ask them for a sign. Sometimes I ask for lilies. Sometimes I ask for numbers in sequence. Have you never asked for a sign before? Or have you asked but not known whether you received it? It will rock your world. This beautiful feeling is available when you truly let yourself be the witness of this amazing support that is always with you.

Your guidance can show up as a song on the radio, or maybe a spark of light, or somebody saying to you exactly what you needed to hear. Our guides work through other people. They work through doctors, friends, children and even strangers. As I mentioned in step 5, you want to thank your guides.

Rather than being in a place of neediness, you want to be in a place of gratitude. Shift the way you talk to your guides. Instead, you want to be thanking them, appreciating them and feeling deep love and gratitude for them. When you see your sign, say a silent thank-you to your guides. When you receive any form of guidance, thank them. Your gratitude keeps the relationship so strong and keeps those guides present with you all the time, because they know they are welcome.

When you open your heart to offer your guides gratitude and appreciation, they boomerang that energy right back to you. And it is available to you. Your guides have a plan better than you do. Your guides want to bring you to the right relationship, the right career, the doctor you need, the experience that will help you. We get in the way of that guidance. I have often avoided that guidance by trying to control situations. I obsess over how things should go and try to manipulate outcomes to get what I think is best.

When we do this kind of thing, we push away our guides. When we surrender, we can feel our guides leading us to the next right action. This is what I refer to as taking spiritually aligned action. Releasing the outcome is mandatory to truly be in co-creation with your spirit guides. If you have young kids in your life, you may be aware that many children can still see their guides. They may even speak about them. Usually around the age of 7 the veil starts to close and we shut down to this guidance system.

To lift that veil and reconnect with your guides, be more childlike! Do things that bring you joy. Jump on a trampoline. Go for a run. Do the things that bring you joy, and that guidance will just show up fast. Remember, joy is the most powerful vibration we can embody! The first name that comes to mind will be the name of your guide. Whatever name comes through is the name of your guide.

What Does It Mean To Have A Relationship With God?

Trust what you hear. The first name you hear is right. One of my guides is a guide called Lily, and she came to me many years ago. I just knew her name was Lily. After several years of knowing Lily, I had a medium give me a reading. The medium just knew she was there. Believe in yourself. Believe in your capacity to call on this presence. Believe in your capacity to connect to these guides and to feel that support. Believe that you have an ever-present energy of love that is always within you and around you supporting you and guiding you.

Allowing the presence of these guides to come into your life is a great gift. Not only will they support you, but they will also support you in supporting others. We need this presence of light to support us right now. We need this presence to support us through the chaos of these times, through the dramas, through the terror, through the violence. We need this presence to bring us back to love. When you tune into the spirit realm you may feel your energy shift.

To ground yourself back into your body you can do a few simple things:. As you ask for and surrender to divine guidance, miracles will occur more and more often. Your spirit guides want to connect with you. Follow these 10 simple steps to open up the conversation. I created a FREE 4-track album of guided meditations to help you get spiritually aligned, attract your desires, de-stress and more. All you have to do is press play and listen.

Click here to access my FREE meditations! Your email address will not be published. I am soon to be 49 years old and not once have I received a sign from my guides or even one single desire from my list! Are my guides a sleep or just dont care about me or what? Do I have to be dead to finally get all of this or what?

Book Preview

All I read is people claim they get signs and all of their desires right away. I have waited 49 years for just one little thing at least out of all the many things I need. Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing here. Being in the place of major appreciation will help you shifts into a space of receiving your signs. Thanks and I actually have been doing that for months about things that I was thankful for even though they were all small things.

And my life in every area has been getting much worse as of late. So not only no signs at all from my guides and still also not getting any of the things I desire but on top of that things are getting worse and scary for me and my life! So i either dont have guides or they simply dont care about me like they do for others who claim they get endless signs and all of their desires. In fact they claim guides love giving signs and desires. Mine are clearly the opposite of that which is very upsetting. Use meditation and prayer to help you feel centered and more aligned.

Hi Gabby, thank you for your website and information. It is sometimes hard to know when to pass it on but I use my judgement. My messages from my guides come through almost daily now and I have to chuckle about it. I always see the number also. I am also an empath which can be exhausting but I use balance, healthy eating and a spiritual approach to life which helps me. Wendy x. Beautiful Wendy! When it comes to other people, it is often good to share messages only when someone approaches or asks for your guidance on it.

Continue to tap into your inner guidance and knowing and do what feels most grounded for you. Keep shining your light! Hi gabby I have a question that has been in my head for a while, if we connect with our spirits guides those that mean that we will open a door that other bad spirits can go through and interrupt our peace or if we try and connect with our spirit guides those it open something evil or only to pur spirit guides?

Hi Kenia! Thank you so much I have been over worry about spiritual guide for spiritual thing but this morning I saw you in my dreams and you ask me for spiritual guide so I open my Google search engine then I come across of 10 Simple and Beautiful guide. Please take me more far about spiritual guide for spiritual. Our guides are always coming from a place of love and compassion, aligned with God and Source energy.

When communicating with them, you can announce to the Universe that you welcome in messages that are only aligned with this energy. All the content on my site is accessible to everyone all over the world. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to my support team by writing to support gabbybernstein. Sitting in meditation will help you connect with your inner guidance, so you can get clarity and be open to what ask for and receive.

Well, I feel a spirit guide has been trying to contact me.. I have had a rather tough life, and though I do not necessarily like having labels on me, I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, PTSD amidst other illnesses.. I am at a very tough stage in my life and I have had a lot of abuse and trauma, though I do not believe any human really is evil, so I do not even want to call what I experienced abuse, it just is hard to move on and let go I am a cancer moon-venus conjunct and my ceres also is cancer- that says it all. I have a hard time moving on.. I genuinely am struggling, but I have been called to grow spiritually a lot as of lately..

I already know archangel Michael watches over me, because I have had psychics tell me this and when I have attempted suicide I have had brief encounters with him whilst hospitalized.. Perhaps they do not want to startle me because they want to remain mindful of my trauma?

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I also am writing a book, and I feel the guide may be wanting to contact me for that, and also, I feel the guide wants me to develop telepathically.. I am confused, though I am starting to take psychic and mediumship classes, so perhaps it also is trying to introduce itself to me because it will be working with me a lot once I further develop in those regards?..

Thank you for this brave share. When connecting with Spirit Guides, know that they only come from a place of love and support. If it feels unsupportive or negative, this is not a direction to be guided. Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself as you continue to strengthen your intuition on your beautiful healing journey. Thank you so much Gabby.

I am just getting to know my spirit guide and this has helped me to understand how I can come in more contact with her and ask her for more help. By the way, her name is Jill. I tried this last night and it worked!

2. Emotional attachment

A friend who is a medium has been telling me that I have an ancestor who wants to communicate with me. But, when I did this last night I got the messages loud and clear during meditation and got a HUGE one in a dream and she has been guiding me all day. Thank you so much! I think being specific about what I needed help with helped a lot.

The Enemy is very active in the world today; he knows his time is short. What hit home for you in this article? What's the next step you feel God is asking you to take? One of our online mentors would love to hear about it and journey with you. Name and email fields are required. We ask for gender and age to assign you the appropriate mentor. A simple guide to help shape your prayers can be Search Site Menu. Grace means that all our sin is forgiven when we confess it.

But it also means that we receive power to obey the truth that Jesus came with. In this book, Sigurd Bratlie expands upon this, showing the true gospel of God which is obedience to the faith. Statesmen, peace prize winner, scientists. People doing meaningful things.

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What is the purpose of your life? Has your relationship with Jesus faded, and are you unsure how to get it back to where it once was? E-books Check out our selection of free e-books! Is Jesus alive and near in your life? Written by Vern Nicolette. A living and intimate relationship with Jesus For some Christians, a relationship with Jesus consists of praying to Him and going to church on Sunday. Revelation Choosing Him The fact is that you, yourself, decide what relationship you want to have with Jesus. Hebrews Your relationship with Jesus exists in your heart, mind, and spirit.

An increasingly deep relationship with Christ Relationships with people are dynamic, in that they often change with time and can grow deeper. Download free E-book. Written by Sigurd Bratlie. Read more Go to e-book library. Published in Edification Questions. We are human. We sin. End of story? Written by Irene Abraham. Written by Carol Laing. Key teachings Sin and overcoming sin.

Christ manifested in the flesh. The message of the cross. Topics Prayer.